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Happy Hiking

Feeling lost?

If you believe speaking to someone who is down to earth, in a safe, non-judgemental space would help you then please contact me.

Having reached this point finding the right counsellor can feel daunting and challenging and our first conversation (whether that be via email, phone or face to face) provides an opportunity to experience how it might be to work together.

If it's your first time for counselling you may not know what to expect. I am a relational integrative counsellor which means I trained in a range of approaches. These provide the tools to work with you and what you bring as a unique individual. Past ways of relating to others often have an impact on current relationships and working this way creates a space in which these patterns may be identified and worked with. It also allows you to explore your beliefs about yourself and your place in the world. If we work together there may be tears, but these may be because of joy, sadness, a sense of wonder, perhaps a feeling of relief when something becomes clear, or humour, or possibly a combination of them all!

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